Tuesday, January 31, 2012

to make a sock cat:)

There was this pair of toe-socks in my sock drawer which I really loved but all the toes had holes in them. the rest of the pair of socks were in perfect condition. So I thought to myself, how could I possibly throw these out? I then remembered the cute sock animals I had recently seen on Etsy and this was how my version turned out:)
  1. Shave off any fluff with a disposable razor. Plan, cut and sew.
  2. Hand stitch and embroider on the face, ears and tummy. Sew on buttons for eyes. Stuff with any available stuffing, place a sand bag in the bottom and stitch the sock up.
  3. Tie a string with a bell around your kitty's neck and find him a nice spot in the house.

This kitty is called Mao and he was my mom's Christmas present... She loves cats!


  1. You've thrilled a lot of people with this creation, Chane'...!!!!


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