Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit Love - warm in autumn

The strange thing about this outfit, is that every item has been in my closet for quite some time now. They are odd pieces that never went with anything else, yet I couldn't get rid of them. Then out of the blue they all just came together, like they'd been waiting for each other :)
  • Leather necklace(trio of hearts) by OddOneOut @R100 from MishMash. This is one of my favourite pieces, it simply goes with everything
  • Silk scarf a gift from my Gran, it is hand dyed using the Batik method
  • Yellow tank top from Mr.Price, I bought this one a year ago
  • Plum cardigan from Meltz, I bought this one two years ago
  • Floral skirt from Smiley's, I bought this when I was still in school. Smily's doesn't even exist anymore but I love this skirt, it's made from a lovely Viscose fabric
  • Brogues from Mr.P, they are so comfy and versatile, I sometimes don't even notice how much I really wear them<3  
There's nothing like a pretty outfit to make you feel good!

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  1. You look rather....comfortable!!! Nice post Chane'!!!


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