Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gillian, you made my day!

Last week sometime, I'd been sick and feeling icky and down in the dumps. It was just the worst of days... Then late Thursday afternoon my mom came to me with a bunch of bags, all excited! "just look at what Gillian sent you!" So many awesome pieces of fabric, bric-a-brac and, get this, a bag full of colourful zippers!!!! What a turn-around! Suddenly all the icky had gone and my head was filled with new ideas of what to make with all these treasures! Gillian gets all these things from our local chatity shops. She buys from them as to support their cause and then doesn't know what to do with it. Well I know just the thing! Just look at all these pretties... 

These doilies (above) are vintage paper and plastic doilies. Do you remember those plastic doilies? My great gran used to have quite a few of them, then I thought it was weird. Amazing how the things I thought were strange growing up, are the things I'm in love with now!

Thanx, again Gillian! I can't wait to make some pretties!



  1. It looks wonderful. That little bag in the corner has some things I donated :)

  2. Those doilies are super cool! Hope you're having fun with all your special goodies :)


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