Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outfit Love: faux fur and printed trousers

Loving these colours at the moment! Creams and ochers, black and gold... you get the idea. So a few years ago, my aunt, Leiro, gave me a bag full of this "fancy-wool". I struggled for months to try to knit something from it. It's a very difficult fiber to work with, all the hairs make it impossible to see what you are doing. So I would get half way and then realize that I had dropped a stitch or two. Needless to say I had to start over a bunch of times. When I eventually finished it, it was a very shapeless infinity scarf. While visiting with Dave's family, his mom took out this beautiful shawl that she had knitted with similar wool, only she bought hers mixed with a few different fibers intertwined into the same ball of wool. I thought to myself, "wow, what an idea!" so when we got home, I dug out that scarf, pulled it apart and knit a plain brown wool together with the furry one. Now I've got a faux fur scarf, it's so warm and furry:)

  • Vintage Trench Coat - a gift from Dave's mom from way back
  • Faux Fur Scarf - hand knit by me:)
  • Knit Pullover- Thrifted
  • Printed Trousers - Mr. Price, can't believe I found this in my size and their Viscose
  • Lace Brogues - from Edgars

 -I love how soft, airy and comfy these trousers are-


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  1. That scarf is very cool. I never feel like I can pull off patterned trousers, but you do it so well :)


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