Thursday, September 27, 2012

So, I tried my hand at knitting...

Okay, so I didn't only start knitting now... my first try was when I was 7. We had to knit squares and sew them into a stuffed animal. I made it halfway through the first square(which was riddled with big gaps) and then I handed it over to my mom who basically did the whole project by herself. I tried and failed a few years later and then just left it.

Around 15 years old, I fell in love with crochet with the combined help of my mom, dad and my granny. When I started my Textile Design course at the T.U.T. in Pretoria, one of my projects involved me having to knit. So for the first time in years I had to pick up those dreaded knitting needles. I didn't really know how to cast on stitches and my mom wasn't home at the time so I took a chance and asked my dad. His mom used to give him and his brothers crochet work to do when they were home sick as children. So, I though he might know something about knitting too. Do you know, I was right, he showed me how to cast on and off I went from there. 

Knowing almost nothing about knitting, I thought the way that I knit was the only way. Later I found that I was knitting something called the garter stitch. Daves mom showed me some fancy stitches earlier this year, but only the pearl stitch stuck. Then while visiting my gran the other day I took out my pearl knit test piece and we got to talking about all things knitting and she took out this awesome vintage knitting book. She said that I could borrow it to try out some of the stitches and patterns. Woah! Luckily this book is so amazing that it explains everything! So now here is my first ever try at knitting from a pattern:)

 -man! i was so impressed with myself! love it-

 -how do you like my sample scarf so far? it's coming on pretty good, if i don't say so my self-


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