Monday, June 3, 2013

Project a Day: #1 Crochet Poncho

And here we go again! My new 30 Day Challenge is one filled with projects. Gifts made for friends and family, half finished projects to be completed, new stock to be made and so forth. In this challenge I will share patterns found on the web, patterns I wrote, quick DIY's and simply the things made a day.

This first project is a crochet poncho for my Cousin, Christa's little girl, Alandra. She turned three last week Thursday. When I found this pattern on Pinterest, I new I was going to be needing it soon. If you want to make this easy little poncho, just click on the links provided for the step-by-step tutorial. This project took me about six hours to complete which makes it perfect for a weekend project or even the long road. I found this pattern to be quite clear and easy to follow, no funny business.

 -These colours reminded me of Autumn back in Pretoria, such rich and warm colours. Perfect for winter in South Africa. I used a mix of acrylic yarns from my stash and the maroon yarn is thrifted. As these are of different thickness, I used the DK yarn according to the pattern, the thinner yarns I added a dc stitch(making it 3 dc stitches per chain space) and the maroon I held double throughout- 

 -Project #1 is done and dusted! I will try to get my Cousin to take a picture of Alandra wearing her lovely new poncho, so I can post it here for you guys to see how cute is looks on-


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